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Garm Felez Rolling Manufacturing Industries Group was established in 1994 as a legal entity with the name of Ata under the official license of the Department of Industries and Mines of Tehran Province with the number 33377, aiming to manufacture all kinds of steel sections (hot rolling). Since 1995, it was registered with the name of Garm Felez Manufacturing Industries Company in the Company Registration Office of Tehran Province under registration number 156958.


Our Products

Corners and studs of hot rolled metal manufacturing industry company are produced according to Russian, European and national standards.
Russian standard GOST 8240
European standard CE 10025_1 & DIN 1026
National stud standard 1_4477
National corner standard 1_13968



The angles of Garm Felez Company are available in sizes 50x50, 60x60, 70x70, 75x75, 80x80, and 100x100 in different weights. Click



Producing different kinds of channels in sizes 6, 8 and 10 in 6 and 12 meters with the highest quality and in accordance with national and international standards. Click

Advantages and capabilities

This factory is regarded as one of the most equipped specialized manufacturing factories in the manufacture of steel sections (angles and channels).


Factors distinguishing Garm Felez Manufacturing Industries Company from other manufacturers:

Market development

Development of entrepreneurship system

Establishment of knowledge management system

Obtaining a green industry certification

Cost management

Exploitation of maximum production

Innovation in business

Ensuring the balanced interests of the beneficiaries

Total quality management

Flexibility in manufacturing products

Satisfying customers

Skilled staff

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Vision and goals

As our dear country, Iran has rich reserves of iron ore as well as gas, we decided to continue our father’s business and started the production of steel with the help of experts and the elite of the country. It is a matter of pride for us that in spite of sanctions for establishing factories, by relying on technical experts and elite young Iranian engineers we could localize the technology and produce high quality steel products for construction based on national and international standards. For the industrial and economic development of our beloved country, we have taken steps to achieve the goals with detailed planning and the formulation of strategies.

Specialized workforce
market needs
Quality of products

Why Choose Us?

Gram Fells Company is considered one of the most equipped specialized manufacturing factories in steel sections (angles and channels) production that uses 3SP steel ingots equivalent to ST37 for its products, which have the necessary flexibility against bending, pressure and welding. Due to the high quality, this metal is used in Iran for creating resistant structures. The Garm Felez Company is also able to produce products according to the customer’s needs while based on the modern international standards and with the appearance in accordance with the given analysis. An important point in this company is that our rollers are produced by CNC lathe machines. These machines are very accurate and have a favorable direct effect on the product. And using CNC machining guides as well as PLC electronic and electrical equipment in the rolling line, we are able to raise the quality level of our products. In addition to quality standards, the products manufactured in Garm Felez Company also enjoy the quality management standards to improve the quality of the products.



The use of high-quality and appropriate raw materials as well as chemical and mechanical tests in accordance with national and international standards are the reasons for the rare high quality of hot rolling metal products.


By obtaining quality management and production certifications in accordance with national and international standards, this company tries to offer the products according to the customer's needs in a favorable way.


We are committed to high quality products offering and maintenance, timely delivery, customer satisfaction and sales support. We see this as our top priority and our motto is 'quality is our commitment'.


With more than 25 years of experience, Garm Felez Company has been serving you, dear ones, and we are proud of this and welcome your criticisms and suggestions to improve and enhance the quality and quantity of the company

Related industries and our customers

Related industries and our customers

Garm Felez Company has partnered with many customers from different industries and is ready to partner with industries in different fields.


Garm Felez Company partners with the production industry, manufacturers and steel ingots manufacturing companies and steelmaking companies


Garm Felez Company partners with merchants in mechanical and electrical items, PLC, tools, and machines…


Garm Felez Company also partners with manufacturers in various fields including manufacturing couplings, machine buildings and heat exchangers, etc.


Garm Felez Corporation partners with steel makers using iron ore concentrate and related industries


Garm Felez Company partners with various sellers of electrical items and PLC, tools industry, etc.


Garm Felez Company partners with contractors in the fields of mechanical repairs, construction services, electricity and automation, etc.
mass producers

mass producers

Garm Felez Company cooperates in the field of various steel sections for steel structures.

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Head office phone number: 47282

Head office postal code: 148164473

Sales departments:

Domestic sales numbers: 103 to 105

Export sales numbers: 106 to 108

    Address and contact number

    Head office address

    Unit 5 / 1, 5th administrative floor, Saman Shopping Center, Mostafavi Alley, southeast side, 2nd Sadeghiyeh Square,Tehran,Iran

    Factory 1 address:

    No 8, Golbarg St. 6, Narangestan St., Negarestan Blvd., Shams Abad Industrial City, Tehran,Iran
    Tel: 56456553-56456794

    Factory 2 address:

    No 8, Golbarg St. 6, Narangestan St., Negarestan Blvd., Shams Abad Industrial City, Tehran,Iran
    Tel: 56232214-16