Advantages and Capabilities

Gram Felez Company is considered one of the most equipped specialized manufacturing factories in steel sections (angles and channels) production that uses 3SP steel ingots equivalent to ST37 for its products, which have the necessary flexibility against bending, pressure and welding. Due to the high quality, this metal is used in Iran for creating resistant structures.


Garm Felez company has the ability to produce products according to the customer’s needs, and as mentioned in the standards, channel are recognized based on nominal size and weight, and we can produce lighter weight channel according to the customer’s needs, and we are one We are one of the companies that can produce the lightest weight of channel in the standard range, which is important in terms of export, and considering that the quality control and our products are continuously being controlled in production, and in terms of export, the position We have good quality and we can export to neighboring countries, which is being done.

And Garm Felez Company has the possibility to change the material of the product according to the customer’s request, for example, for power transmission towers, we can produce 5SP equivalent to ST52.

In terms of standard appearance, the dimensions and sizes of the products should be in accordance with the given tables, and their appearance should not differ depending on the type of product and should have the appropriate appearance. Our company uses advanced devices and equipment to achieve a suitable appearance, for example: our rolling rollers, which are the most important part of our products, are cut by CNC lathes.And using CNC machining guides as well as PLC electronic and electrical equipment in the rolling line, we are able to raise the quality level of our products. In addition to quality standards, the products manufactured in Garm Felez Company also enjoy the quality management standards to improve the quality of the products.


Factors distinguishing Garm Felez Manufacturing Industries Company from other manufacturers:

Market development

Development of entrepreneurship system

Establishment of knowledge management system

Obtaining a green industry certification

Cost management

Exploitation of maximum production

Innovation in business

Ensuring the balanced interests of the beneficiaries

Total quality management

Flexibility in manufacturing products

Satisfying customers

Skilled staff