Domestic Sales

As we all know, sales is one of the most important parts of any company, and a company can be successful in sales if it maintains quality in production and does not sacrifice small profits for stability in the market.

In addition to maintaining the quality, this company also adheres to its commitments and always tries to do the orders and requests of customers with all respect.

In the export sector, this company has been successful in exporting to more than 10 countries in the international arena and always tries to increase its quality in the international arena by improving the standards and provide the satisfaction of the respected customers with the quality of the Garm Felez Industry products. More than anything else, continuity of sales and respect for customers’ tastes is one of the important principles that this company is committed to, as mentioned in the slogan of this company, quality is our commitment.

The sales experts of Garm Felez Industries, with many years of experience in the field of sales and marketing in the field of steel products, are ready to guide and support you in all stages of purchase, answer all your questions, and provide the advice you need as soon as possible.

Also, our experts register the order according to the customer’s request and refer it to the production unit, and we are with our esteemed customers until the end of the purchase and delivery process so that they can get enough satisfaction from their purchase.

Sales Manager
آقای حسین رضایی

Hosein Rezayi

Sales Manager
Sales Expert
آرین سنبلی

Arian Samboli

Sales Expert